La Bohème - Making the sea more beautiful
This short video gives you a quick look at what La Bohème offers, in terms of her overall size, the openness of her rig, her current condition and her sailing characteristics.

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Beautiful Day Out

La Bohème - Beautiful Day Out
Come with the crew as they enjoy a warm and relaxed summer day out for a short sail in the fjords close to Gothenburg, Sweden. The crew shows how easy she is to handle, as they drop sail and make for port and some refreshing wine with a dinner of fresh crayfish, cooked on board and eaten on deck as the sun sets.

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West Coast Race

La Bohème - West Coast Race
Join the fleet of classic boats as they race on the West Coast of Sweden, in the strategically important Sea of Skagerrak – formerly known as the Jutland Sea and described in the Knýtlinga Saga of the Danish kings, written in the 1250s. La Bohème races alongside other former trading and fishing vessels, and stands out with her swan-white hull and cream sails, and her grace before the wind.

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