“Oceanic Research Institute” Flagship, La Bohème

“Oceanic Research Institute” Flagship. La Bohème is a Historic 34 metre 1913 Classic Swedish Schooner.
La Bohème will be Oceanic Research Institute (ORI) Flagship for scientific climate-related research and educational purposes in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia, and the South Pacific. At over 100 years old she is one of a handful of large classic wooden ships still sailing today. She is a remarkable piece of history sailing into uncertain futures and flying in the face of our “throw-away” society. Built of solid oak and durable Nordic pine she has the strength and stability of an old Baltic trader – for that is what she was. But with her white hull, cream sails and oiled brightwork she is an elegant icon of sustainability.

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“Oceanic Research Institute, Ballina” NSW

The “Oceanic Research Institute” (ORI) fleet of Research Expedition Vessels (REV) is a flagship sustainability project, aimed at near-zero carbon and acoustic emissions that shifts the way we think about oceanic and climate research. A pilot for sustainable solutions, it is a living example of how traditional wooden sailing vessels can provide significant advantages over current steel and diesel fleet approaches, consume fewer resources and contribute to significant cost reductions in long term operations and ownership. The Video shows what ORI could contribute to the Ballina Region by revitalising its maritime tradition.

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La Bohème, Svendborg, Denmark after refit 2014

Preparing for the UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030).
After months of work by Jennifer and Earle, La Bohème is back in great shape and looking like the beautiful, elegantly romantic, icon of sustainability that she is. At 106 years old, there is always more work to do.

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