La Bohème was built to high standards, from the best materials, and for 101 years has been extremely well maintained. Basically, the vessel has been substantially rebuilt over the last 20 years.

Committed to retaining her strength and character, the former owner lavished resources and time on her continuously. In this he was lucky to be supported by a group of stalwart friends and crew. Every year, once her winter covers came off, they would begin the annual ritual of painting, varnishing, cleaning and attending to minor repairs and improvements. This is the kind of loyal crew that every classic boat owner dreams of.

Many of the major works were carried out at the Hälleviksstrands Shipyard, Orust, in Sweden, renowned for their traditional know-how and commitment to authenticity. These works included replacing around 35 frames, port and starboard, extensive re-planking of the transom, topsides and hull, where most of the original pine was replaced with oak. Much of the deck was re-planked, along with water boards, stanchions, bulwarks and cap rails. The three coach houses have new roof planks and seams, and three new hatches to MCA standard. Many years ago the keel hogged, as they all do, and successful remedial works involved a massive new oak keelson and an oversized new laminated keel, shaped to fit. A new owner may choose to rebuild this section, just for posterity, although the current configuration works very well.

She has a new mast and new topmasts, along with complete new standing rig and a new wardrobe of sails. Her 1947 80 HP Seffle ignition engine was replaced with a factory reconditioned 190 HP Volvo Penta HD100B naturally aspirated marine engine. Her variable pitch two-blade propellor and drive shaft are also recently reconditioned.

Below decks, the ship was stripped out and renewed. The inner hull, forward from the engine room, has been completely re-planked. The engine room has a removable metal floor, its walls are metal clad for fire safety, and is sealed off with a watertight bulkhead. New cabins and bunking have been constructed using the Scandinavian open style to preserve the sense of spaciousness. The galley area has been fully rebuilt, and given generous storage areas.

During the last 20 years, the owners have spent more than 530,000 euros (2014 values) on her upkeep and ongoing restoration, averaging a respectable 26,500 euros a year. It is fair to say that restoration is complete and that the new owner will be in the enviable position of only needing consider annual upkeep costs.